THE EARLY DAYS Yili has always loved art and creating art. Especially those with creatures and people in them. Once in pre-school, she got in trouble because instead of drawing the farm as instructed she drew a rooster and a farmer. She got into more trouble when she kept insisting that there was farm but that it was behind the viewer…

NOW As a constant companion, art has been the go-to creative outlet whenever and wherever. It wasn’t until 2018, however, that Yili decided to take the leap and spend more time developing her art.

Her medium is digital with a style that is somewhere between oil, illustration, and definitely a bit dreamy. She creates in Brooklyn, NY.

THE FUTURE She has really enjoyed working with clients on commissions and finds it hugely gratifying to create a unique piece for each. She would love continuing working with her existing and new clients.

Her next project is to start a series titled Delayed Future Memories where she takes childhood memories and juxtaposes them with parallel experiences in her adult life. Stay connected for updates on new works and products.